32 Stay At Home Date Ideas

  1. Make homemade pizzas. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make dough from scratch. Kneading dough and frying it up yourself can be both fun and satisfying. Although, we all know Trader Joe’s makes a pretty good ready-to-go pizza dough too if you wanted to skip a step. Make the biggest pizza you’ve ever seen, or make a bunch of mini pizzas with different toppings! Experiment with stuffed or parmesan crust for an added bonus.
  2. Roller Skating. You guys. I bought roller skates and they are literally the coolest! Actually, my husband bought them for me after I started seeing them in music videos like my favorite Sigala song and Gold by Chet Faker. I splurged on the Moxi Lolli skates and I couldn’t be happier. My husband walks our dog while I’m free to skate back and forth and work on dance moves/tricks. We’ll do this at night when there’s no one up so I can use up the whole street in our neighborhood. Trust me, you won’t regret it! (Here’s a cheaper Moxi option that’s just as great). Your partner can roller skate/blade, or bike beside you. There’s nothing like learning a new activity together, plus you can make this idea a regular weekly activity.
  3. Movie & Nachos. I don’t know if this is embarrassing or impressive but one of my greatest talents is making insanely good nachos. We don’t just stop at cheese and chips. We get meat, chips and salsa from the local Mexican market, beans, cilantro, jalapeno, tomatoes, sour cream, hot sauces and of course…the guac. Not into Mexican food? Try a Mediterranean version with pita chips, mozzarella and ground turkey. Add some tzatziki, tomatoes, cucumber and garlic dip and enjoy!
  4. Lawn games. Don’t have any? Now’s the time to stock up. Giant lawn games always come in handy for BBQ’s or random weeknights where you need to blow off some steam before cooking dinner. Our personal favorites are giant jenga and cornhole. Some cheaper and smaller storage options may be lawn darts, bocce ball, or giant dice/yahtzee.
  5. Spa Day / Give each other massages. He probably won’t be open to a spa day until you mention massages. Take turns rubbing each other down as if you were a real masseuse. Set the mood with some relaxing music and scent the air with candles or essential oils. Lay towels down on the bed and use real massage oil to get the full experience. Bonus points for edible massage oil! End the night by taking a shower or bath together to melt off the oils and order take out to eat in your robes.
  6. Childhood photos. If you don’t have these accessible at your house, taking a trip to each of your parents might add to the enjoyment. This usually ends up taking more time than we think because you end up telling a lot of stories explaining each picture or memory. It’s a great way to get to know who your partner was and what their childhood was like.
  7. Online Shopping. Get out your phones and set a spending limit because you’re going shopping… for the other person! I prefer to stick to clothing on this one, because you can buy something you think they would look good in. However, if you want to open it up to everything, or a specific category, go for it! At the end of the night, share what you bought or better yet, wait until it comes in the mail. Grab a timer and get scrolling!
  8. Home Depot Project. Now, this may be an all day or even a multi-day date, depending on what you choose to do. Build a garden, a bookshelf or a table. If you’re not ready to take on a big project, you can start small with DIY wood drawer organizers, a serving board or a welcome sign. Chances are, a quick Pinterest search will give you more than enough ideas for some home improvement projects.
  9. Board Games. I know. Board games? Really? But hear me out. My husband and I recently started researching and trying every board game we could find. We love games, but figured there had to be better options than Monopoly or scrabble. There are! Right now we are loving Hive, a fun two person game you can take anywhere (breweries, flights, etc). Some simple two player games we recommend are Blockus, bananagrams, and especially Sushi Go! If you’re into more strategy, we suggest Michigan Rummy (the guys will like this one!), Azul, Pandemic, or Codenames Duet.
  10. YouTube Cooking Class. There is no shortage of how-to videos on YouTube. Choose something interesting like Spanish paella, homemade corn dogs, or go all out with filet mignon and demi glace.
  11. Video Games. He’ll love this option, and if you give it a chance, you will too! Getting competitive with Mario Kart while still cuddling on the couch? There’s something for everyone here.
  12. Ping Pong tournament. Clear off that dining or kitchen table and turn it into a ping pong table! Shoot, your table is round or too small? No problem! Improvising usually creates the most fun anyway. If my husband or I have a particularly bad day, we have a rule where we have to play ping pong. We usually end up laughing so much that we forget all about it and it’s a nice bonding activity for us to do together.
  13. Homemade Ice cream. Need I say more? Don’t just stop at vanilla or chocolate. Get creative with it! How about chocolate chip pancake? Or salted caramel pretzel? Better yet, just head over to your local Trader Joe’s and search for random seasonal spreads, cookies or anything you think might be fun. Going on a scavenger hunt for unique ingredients could add to the experience. There are ways to make it without an actual ice cream machine, but we suggest this one for the occasional date night, and the Cuisinart option for more anticipated use.
  14. Pasta Making. My husband and I really got into pasta making after our honeymoon to Italy. There was no comparison to experiencing authentic noodles served fresh al dente. He has perfected the linguine, so all I have to do is make the sauce. It’s fun to divide up the tasks and then bring it all together for a delicious dish. We use this pasta maker because its made in Italy (and those Italians know what they’re doing).
  15. Play Bartender. Grab some booze, and a cocktail kit and you’re home is now a swanky, upscale bar. The upside is, you don’t have to worry about who’s driving! You can turn this into a competition of who can make the best cocktail of your choosing, or who can make up the most interesting drink on the fly. Either way, this is sure to get you in the mood for a fun night together.
  16. Workout videos. Again, there are endless YouTube videos for workouts. I happen to use the Peloton app (and no I don’t have the bike) but they have tons of options for workout videos. I challenged my husband to a short yoga class and now he asks all the time to do it again! He can choose boxing and you can choose barre or Zumba. Who knows, you might both discover a new workout routine!
  17. Drive through culinary experience. I’m not saying you have to get dressed, or even get out of your car. Choose a few drive through locations and research what the best item on the menu is. Go from place to place only trying one thing at each one. Make it a full meal with appetizers, main dishes and desserts! You’ll end up trying things you might never have otherwise, plus you’ll experience some road trip vibes driving from one to the other.
  18. Take personality quizzes together. Have you taken the Love language test? How about the related Apology or Angry tests? Enneagram anyone? Open up to one another so you can learn how to be a better partner and show up how they need you to. My husband and I retake the Love language test every so often because it can change. You’ll likely find out you’re only loving your partner the way you like to be loved, but not how they are longing to be cared for. Get deep with this date night and your relationship will be better than when you started.
  19. Tasting Party. Cheese? Wine? Chocolate? Pickles? Try this with any food you love. Go to a few different stores (or only one if they have a good selection like Trader Joe’s) and pick up different flavors and types of a specific food item. Give each other blind taste tests and choose a prize for the winner like a massage or no laundry for a week.
  20. Backyard S’mores. If you don’t have a fire pit or a fireplace, there are plenty of alternatives. You can use candles (extra romance points for this one), the stove or a makeshift s’mores station like this one.
  21. Have a bake off. I love a little healthy competition. I also feel like ot creates funny memories you likely won’t forget. See who can bake the best or most unique cupcakes and set a reward for the winner like no dishes or a foot rub. Wrap up the extra goodies and write some notes to leave on your neighbors doorsteps. This way you don’t end up consuming all of the baked goods at once and you might makes some friends out of the deal.
  22. Fall down a Youtube rabbit hole. This happens to us all on accident, so why not do it on purpose? Take turns showing each other funny or interesting videos. Once you get going, there’s no telling what kind of cat videos or home fails you’ll end up finding!
  23. Talk about your goals and actually plan them out! I know this seems like a weird thing to do because we don’t like making ourselves and our inner dreams vulnerable, even to those we are close to. But if you start by talking about what you want your life to look at in 5, 10 or 15 years from now, its pretty fun to dream up the best version of your future together! After you both talk about who you want to be, what you want to be doing etc, you can work backwards and talk about ways you could actually make that happen. Sharing what you want most out of life will bring you so much closer together than you ever thought possible.
  24. Plan a trip. You can do this two ways. If you’re dreamers like me, plan something extravagant. Plan to fly first class to Vienna for the New Year’s Eve Imperial Ball where you’ll arrive via limousine in a ball gown and tux, and then spend the remainder of your trip at a cabin in the countryside with a view of the Alps while you sip on hot cocoa. If you’re more logical like my husband and you want to plan something more realistic, plan a local road trip with all your stops that you’ll do later on. Planning will encourage team work while giving you something to look forward to together.
  25. Truth or Dare. I know this may seem juvenile. But it really goes to another level when you’re married. “Truth? Did you actually like the sweater my mom got you last Christmas?” or “I dare you to give me your best strip tease to a Taylor Swift song” We’ll play a version of this we call truth or else. Example: “Tell me the last time you farted in the bed or else you have to scoop the litter box this week”. Pour some wine and let the good times roll!
  26. Pretend you’re on Chopped. Is it weird that I love competition and/or to make my spouse do something difficult for my own amusement? I hope I’m not alone in this. Just imagine choosing the most ridiculous ingredients and giving them a countdown to create an amazing meal. It’s even better if you take turns and narrate while the other cooks under pressure. Find out who deserves to be the Chopped champion!
  27. Project Runway. Get some fabric from the local craft store and create outfits for yourselves (or each other!) and see who has an eye for design.
  28. Lip Sync Battle. Just watch some of the YouTube videos of these wacky performances to get some ideas. Or just continue to watch the videos…
  29. Face Off. Now this could really be interesting. Choose a theme from his favorite movie and try to recreate a character using some old makeup or Halloween face paint! Take it to another level with face wax to create fictional looks on each other.
  30. Making it. This is a great option for everyone. Watch an episode to get an idea or a theme and run with it. Each contestant can work with the medium of their choice to showcase their skills. This way you’re both doing something you enjoy.
  31. Ink Wars. Did anyone else draw fake tattoos on themselves when they were kids? Now’s your chance to let your inking skills shine. Plus you get to create art on your partner. You decide if the artist or the subject chooses the placement…wink wink. Get out your Ball Point Pens and start working on those temporary tattoos!
  32. Pretend you’re on another reality competition show. There are a million shows to choose from. So You Think You Can Dance, Fear Factor, America’s Got Talent, Fear Factor, or any others you enjoy watching!

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