Unique Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Him

I find myself searching “gifts for him” over and over again on Pinterest, Google, Etsy and anywhere else, yet I never find any new ideas. It’s always the same old stuff. Socks, a shaving kit, a personalized keychain, and of course the “love coupons”. But where’s the stuff they really want?

Not to worry. I’ve talked to guys of all ages and come up with a list of gift items they actually want. Without further ado, here are the perfect stocking stuffers for your brother, dad or boyfriend!

1. Real candy. Skip the Hershey’s kisses for another time. Go to a candy shop like See’s or Ghirardelli and pick out what you think are his favorite flavors. Better yet, find a small candy maker online that specializes in his favorite type of sweet treat.

2. Is he not into sweets? How about craft beef jerky or cigars? Last year, I did my own research on cigars that won awards over the last couple years. I popped a couple in my husband’s stocking and he was so impressed with my selection!

3. Detailing supplies. Most guys I know wash and detail their own cars because apparently the local car wash is not to be trusted. They see detailing products like girls see makeup. They all do different things, and you can never have too much! I recommend Liquid X Detail Spray for the newbie, while the Liquid X Ceramic Spray is great for a more experienced detailer. You could even fill an entire stocking with samples, towels and tools! Bonus, this means they’ll probably clean our car too!

4. Go with a theme. For example, one year my husband bought an orange Miata so I went with it. I got him an orange Carhartt beanie, orange gum, orange socks, orange chapstick, Reese’s candy, his favorite dried mango and even a book with an orange cover! He thought it was both hilarious and thoughtful as he realized what trouble I’d gone through to find everything in one color. So does your man have a favorite color? Favorite movie or brand? Does he love coffee? Get him a couple of bags from a quality local shop, along with some coffee scrub, lip balm, coffee candies, coffee bars and premium coffee scoop. Pick something and run with it!

5. Clothes. Yep! You can fit clothes into a stocking. One year I rolled up a long sleeve hooded Nike tee in my husbands stocking. He was so surprised to get a normal sized gift in his stocking! Just when he thought the big gifts were over, BAM! Snag his favorite shirts and roll up one or two in his stocking.

6. Hygiene products or Cologne. Guys love to be well groomed for their ladies. Pick a manly body scrub, or moisturizer. If you find a scent that turns you on, why wouldn’t he want to wear it every day? Ex: By the Fireplace cologne by Replica. This fragrance smells like the rugged man in a flannel and boots waiting by the fire. Trust me, this one is for both of you. If you want to make it fun, get him a sample pack. You can also go with the cheaper roller ball options.

7. Games or books. Does he like games? My husband and I love Hive and Monopoly Deal. These are great games to take with you to breweries or travelling. Is he interested in reading? Pick something motivational like Greelights or Shoe Dog. If he’s into humor and personal development, grab something like this.

7. Go dirty. Have some fun by stuffing his stocking with items to get him excited. Include something you’ll wear for him, some kissable massage oil and a naughty game for the two of you to play. This stocking will be one he’ll never forget!

8. A useful keychain. Ladies, enough with the personalized gifts for your boyfriend. He has plenty to remember you by, and before long, all of these trinkets are going to pile up in a drawer where they’ll never see the light again. Instead, get him one of these genius Cielo pill keychains. My husband keeps caffeine pills and Excedrin in his and has been using it for 5 years! It makes me happy to know I got him something he uses every day.

9. Tech. Do some snooping and find out what brands he likes. Does he have a special keyboard and mouse? Headphones or protective cases? Any of these can give you a look into what he likes. From there, check out what else that brand has to offer. Chances are, they have countless other products he doesn’t have yet. For more ideas, take a look at bluetooth headphones under $25, or tech storage, like these cable management straps.

10. Groupon. Are you sick of putting lame gifts in his stocking? Try an experience to mix things up! Get something for him and the guys, or something for you two to try together. Either way, it’s a gift that you get to look forward to, even after you’ve finished unwrapping gifts and the holiday magic has faded.

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